Friday, June 2, 2017

Interviewing a Outdoorsman

What is your name?
Scott Sederberg

How long would you say you’ve been an “outdoorsman”?
My whole life which is just over 16 years.

Who got you into the outdoors and hunting and fishing?
My family, I've been surrounded in hunting and fishing my whole life

Have you ever been or wanted to go diving?
Yes, I have always heard good things about it .

Have you ever been before if so do you still go?
Yes, I used to go when I was younger.

What has stopped you from continuing to go?
I grew out of my wet suit and never got back into it.

Finally would you say that the outdoors have changed you in anyway or made you a better person?
Yes, the outdoors is a very peaceful area where you can get a lot of stress off of your mind.

Why Women Live Longer Than Men

In the article, “Why is life expectancy longer for women than it is for men?” , it tells us about a study done by Bertrand Desjardins on why this seems to be true. He believes that this statement makes perfectly good sense because every 100 girls born there are 105 men born. They also found that the lifespan of men and women is different in other countries. In the United States a male life expectancy was 73.4 years and 80.1 years for females while in Russia there was a difference of about 12 years in the lifespans. They believe that since there is a difference in the lifespans among countries that the reason women live longer than men is not purely biological. Another reason they believe it is not purely biological is that women are less likely to be involved in behavior's bad for your health like men are. There is also a great genetic difference between men and females because when a mutation of one X chromosome happens girls have another that has to offset that and men’s X chromosomes express themselves even if they cause harm.

Image result for gender equalityHormones are also another reason for girl’s longer lifespan. This is because estrogen eliminates bad cholesterol and gives protection against heart disease, while testosterone is linked to violence and taking risks. The women’s body made for reproduction also helps their case in living longer because of their ability to not overeat and not eat excess food. One other reason for men not living as longer as women is because of what they are calling “man-made diseases”. These “diseases” that cause men’s mortality rate to be higher than women’s is because of the workplaces they work at and if they drink lots of alcohol or smoke and the road accidents they are more likely to be involved in than women. The reasoning behind men’s mortality rate being higher because of the smoking or driving part is that it is proven that male smokers will smoke more cigarettes than girl smokers will and men are proven to drive more reckless than girls do.

A French demographer Jacques Vallin believes that women live longer than men because of their more fundamental lifestyles. Vallin believes that since women are so into being seen as beautiful, they tend to take greater care of themselves and their body so they will stay healthy and look younger than they are. Men on the other hand or more concerned with being seen as muscular or powerful and are worried about their reputation so much that men are more likely to take more risks or do stupid things to try and prove their masculinity. These reasons cause women to pay a lot more attention to their bodies and habits than men do because men don’t care as much to be seen as beautiful and healthy. As long as they are working hard and being recognized for that or go participate in guy activities they will be more likely to try and continue to show their manliness by doing whatever it will take.Since women take care of their bodies more than men the advantage is that they are taking the help from new medical and technological advances by doing what these professionals tell them to do with their bodies. I believe that this is true because us guys do get in a lot more trouble or risky situations than girls do because of what we like to do for fun against what they do for fun. Also, I know I really don’t care much to go to the doctors to get a checkup or if I am in pain I deal with it because as a guy we do want to be seen as masculine and tough.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

*Lowering the Limit of Abalone*

In the US News article California Cuts Abalone Catch, Eliminates 2 Diving Months they tell us why California wildlife managers cut the yearly limit on abalone you can catch and shortened up the diving season. The reason for this is because of the decreasing population of kelp. Kelp is important when it comes to ab diving and this has also affected the number of mollusks divers are allowed to catch every year. This is because kelp is one of the abalone main food source. For this upcoming diving year, no one can dive for abalone from April to June and August until November. The number of abalone you can catch also has been limited and you can only catch 12 a season instead of 18 which used to be the limit.

They say this decreased limit of abalone you can catch will reduce the next years harvest by 25%. Jerry Kashiwada who is the Department of Fish and Wildlife environmental scientist said that this upcoming dive season will be the first one since 1921 that red abalone are illegal to be caught. The reason it will be illegal to dive for the red abalone this season is because the red abalone population are also having a hard time surviving because of the decrease in population of kelp. The kelp is the red abalone main source of food just like the mollusks. The reason the kelp population has been decreasing is because of a toxic algae bloom around the Sonoma Coast in 2011 and a disease that was spread widely in sea stars in 2013. The warmer water situation going on in the water that has been an issue since 2014 is another big reason the kelp population is dying off.

The size of the abalone being caught has also started shrinking. Abalone divers are starting to notice that the conditions stated above leading to kelp issues is also some of the issues leading to the abalone caught being 25% smaller than the normal one. There are also many findings of washed up abalone on shore due to the fact that the kelp population is decreasing which means the abalone are not eating as much as they normally would. The abalone wash up because they have become so weak from the lack of food (kelp) they are eating. The officials at the Department of Fish and Wildlife think that making this decrease in the amount of abalone that can be caught will help fix the issue going on. Last year when the Department of Fish and Wildlife did a study about abalone diving they found that there are about 31,000 abalone divers in California alone. This would mean last year if every diver limited out they would have caught 558,000 abalone. With the new limit, 186,000 less abalone being caught might just make a huge difference in solving this issue.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

*5 Tip to Improve Your Diving*

1) Choose your Location
Location has to do with everything when it comes to diving. Depending on your skill level you will have to go to different places, but to start off try going to new places. If you are in the routine of just going to the same spot every time you’re going to have the same outcome. I’ve found that when looking for a new spot google maps can be very helpful. Find somewhere that there are lots of rocks and not a lot of waves, abalone like to be tucked away and not being hit by a bunch of waves.

2) Visibility
When people go diving they usually forget to look at the oceans visibility level and only look at the tide, well it’s not always the best to go on a super low tide because it can be very hard to see. When I go diving the visibility is always my biggest concern, with every time you go you are going to get a little better at diving so when the tide is 0 or a little above it will still be very easy to dive. If you have ever dove in some dirty water you know it’ almost not worth it.
Image result for clear ocean water
3) Ocean Swells
Along with the visibility of the water you want to know how rough it is going to be, a nice calm day with swells coming in at longer distances is the most ideal. It allows you stay in certain positions and now always getting thrown back and forth. If you’re just staying out diving you want to just worry about the roughness of the water because, the first time you get in there it is going to be a little scary so it will make it a little easier for you.
Image result for calm ocean waves
4) Take Your Time
Now, I know everytime I go diving with a new diver all they wants to do is go out and get their abalone super quick and get out, well the longer you stay out there and look around the more comfortable you’re gonna be. It will also give you more time to swim around and look for some bigger abalone or get you in better shape for the next time you go out.
Image result for watch
5) Push Yourself
With pushing yourself has some limits. Don’t get out there and dive for absolutely as long as you can that’s not pushing yourself, I’m talking about every time you dive just stay under as long as you feel comfortable. If you don’t try to stay under a little longer every time you go out diving it’ll be hard for you to advance your skills further and make you a better diver.

Friday, March 31, 2017

The Unique World of Sea Urchins

Vice does a wonderful job describing the new “California Gold”. The California Gold is represented by uni. Uni is a golden like substance that is shaped kind of like a tongue. The come from the gonads of sea urchins and have been getting increasingly more popular. It has been hard for Americans to come to eating uni, because “people often disdain seafood that tastes like seafood.”  This article is based around Gary Trumper and his family's passion for the unique delicacy. There is three people in the family that risk their lives to get the sea urchins themselves and understand all of the risks of storms and shipwrecks. In 1987 Tom was lucky enough to escape a shipwreck along with a couple of others crewmates, unfortunately three of his other boating mates lost their lives that night. After going through such a tragedy and still having the passion to go out and get your own sea urchins is something very special.

Now for the taste test. The first time that Maria Finn had eating the exotic uni was at a sushi bar and she had thought it was like something cleaned out of a fish tank. She tried it another time when she was in San Francisco and had actually liked it. Finn then explained her experience eating Gary she said, “ I tilted the cup and the entire piece slithered into my mouth and I took a cautious bite. My life changed.” This just goes to show how someone's passion for something can show through their food. Gary has been doing this for so long he knows where the best tasting uni are found, he later told her that the uni will taste like the things that they eat. The sea urchin will eat just about everything from a soda can to a rocks. The best tasting sea urchins are found in the kelp.

The word about how good the sea urchins got out in the mid 1980’s and has been on an incline ever sense. Back when it all was getting started there were only about 200 divers for the sea urchins, but when “Northern California opened sea urchin harvesting, the number of divers statewide exploded, and by 1987, over 700 divers held permits.” Not two years after the word of sea urchins got out there was over 45 million pounds harvested. Not only were a lot more harvested over 90% off the harvest were being sent overseas to Japan. Since then there has been many regulations like they have to be a certain size and they can not be harvested on some days in the summer. Other regulations are there are only 300 commercial permits given and only around 150 are being used.

I was very surprised by this article. I see these sea urchins every time that i go diving for abalone and I would never have thought that they would be good to eat. Now, knowing that they’re good I might want to try them but I would like to get them for a nice place and not just like a sushi bar for the best experience.

Friday, March 10, 2017

*The benefits of Infographics*

An infographic is a great tool for any person to grab a reader's attention but also give the a visual aid to help their understanding of the of what they're reading. There are 5 types of infographics.

Image result for hot and cold InfographicsThe first type of infographic is a Cause and Effect. These show what happens when you do a certain thing, such as taking a hot shower. When taking a hot shower it relaxes the muscles, reduces anxiety, reduces swelling, and removes toxins from the skin. On the other hand a cold shower increases alertness, prevents colds, reduces hair loss, and tightens skin. So this means when you’re diving you are tightening the skin. after you’re done diving you should take a warm shower to relax your muscles.

Image result for diving depthThe second type of infographic is the Chronological Infographics. These infographics show what happens at certain stages. In this infographic it shows what types of equipment you'll need when you're diving certain distances. When diving super deep you'll need to have a scuba tank and mask with a very thick wet suit. When diving shallow waters you could only use a mask, snorkel, and flippers if you want to move quicker.

Image result for diving Quantitative InfographicsThe third type of infographic is Quantitative Infographics. These infographics give statistics or graphs. This infographic shows how much the places that have good dive places make. It also says why divers love clean and healthy water.

Image result for diving InfographicsThe fourth type of infographic is Directional Infographics. These use images to show the reader what they’re talking about. This infographic shows what each item is and what it looks like. For most people when you say you’ll need a regulator with pressure gauge they don't know what you’re talking about, but when you give them a picture they have a better understanding of what you're talking about.

The fifth type of infographic is Product Infographics. A product infographic is mostly seen in businesses for the employees. It is also used for more of the fast paced lifestyle who just use visuals in places of long descriptions. They’re much quicker and easier to read and understand.