Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Why I Love Diving

There are many things that I love about diving. I love diving from the time i wake up to the time I cook up some food. When my family goes diving we wake up super early to get out to our spot. We squeeze into our wetsuits and make our way down to the beach. From there we put our masks and get our spears ready. We go around along the bottom shooting fish and looking for nice abalone to pick. We will spend an entire day out just swimming around. The most satisfying part is when you finally find a nice big abalone and dive down and get it.

Now, after you have had all the fun getting you abalone and fish you head home. I love getting home and cleaning up the fish and abalone. We then prepare everything by slicing the abalone into strips and pounding it a lot so it gets nice and tender, then we take some crackers and smash then all up, and finally we stir up some eggs. For the fish we filet them and cook them with butter on the BBQ. Then we start inviting people over for dinner. When the guests get there we finally start cooking and the foods gone as soon as it is done.

After everyone leaves we finally start cleaning up. My job when we clean up is to wash all of the diving gear like: the wetsuits, spearguns, masks, and snorkels. The act of diving bringing everyone together is why I love it so much and will always want to do it.