Friday, March 10, 2017

*The benefits of Infographics*

An infographic is a great tool for any person to grab a reader's attention but also give the a visual aid to help their understanding of the of what they're reading. There are 5 types of infographics.

Image result for hot and cold InfographicsThe first type of infographic is a Cause and Effect. These show what happens when you do a certain thing, such as taking a hot shower. When taking a hot shower it relaxes the muscles, reduces anxiety, reduces swelling, and removes toxins from the skin. On the other hand a cold shower increases alertness, prevents colds, reduces hair loss, and tightens skin. So this means when you’re diving you are tightening the skin. after you’re done diving you should take a warm shower to relax your muscles.

Image result for diving depthThe second type of infographic is the Chronological Infographics. These infographics show what happens at certain stages. In this infographic it shows what types of equipment you'll need when you're diving certain distances. When diving super deep you'll need to have a scuba tank and mask with a very thick wet suit. When diving shallow waters you could only use a mask, snorkel, and flippers if you want to move quicker.

Image result for diving Quantitative InfographicsThe third type of infographic is Quantitative Infographics. These infographics give statistics or graphs. This infographic shows how much the places that have good dive places make. It also says why divers love clean and healthy water.

Image result for diving InfographicsThe fourth type of infographic is Directional Infographics. These use images to show the reader what they’re talking about. This infographic shows what each item is and what it looks like. For most people when you say you’ll need a regulator with pressure gauge they don't know what you’re talking about, but when you give them a picture they have a better understanding of what you're talking about.

The fifth type of infographic is Product Infographics. A product infographic is mostly seen in businesses for the employees. It is also used for more of the fast paced lifestyle who just use visuals in places of long descriptions. They’re much quicker and easier to read and understand.


  1. These info graphs really help me understand your topic. I really like the one that goes over the gear because there are so many things you can forget and they are all vital to you when under water. How long have you been diving with this gear and have you ever forgot anything?

  2. I have been diving for around 6 years now and I have never forgotten anything. I dive for abalone so you're not able to use oxygen when you're diving. Every time I go I go over my check list and always have what I need.

  3. good one with nice article, it will be good if you place those infographics in middle or by putting best infographics in an order.