Wednesday, April 12, 2017

*5 Tip to Improve Your Diving*

1) Choose your Location
Location has to do with everything when it comes to diving. Depending on your skill level you will have to go to different places, but to start off try going to new places. If you are in the routine of just going to the same spot every time you’re going to have the same outcome. I’ve found that when looking for a new spot google maps can be very helpful. Find somewhere that there are lots of rocks and not a lot of waves, abalone like to be tucked away and not being hit by a bunch of waves.

2) Visibility
When people go diving they usually forget to look at the oceans visibility level and only look at the tide, well it’s not always the best to go on a super low tide because it can be very hard to see. When I go diving the visibility is always my biggest concern, with every time you go you are going to get a little better at diving so when the tide is 0 or a little above it will still be very easy to dive. If you have ever dove in some dirty water you know it’ almost not worth it.
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3) Ocean Swells
Along with the visibility of the water you want to know how rough it is going to be, a nice calm day with swells coming in at longer distances is the most ideal. It allows you stay in certain positions and now always getting thrown back and forth. If you’re just staying out diving you want to just worry about the roughness of the water because, the first time you get in there it is going to be a little scary so it will make it a little easier for you.
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4) Take Your Time
Now, I know everytime I go diving with a new diver all they wants to do is go out and get their abalone super quick and get out, well the longer you stay out there and look around the more comfortable you’re gonna be. It will also give you more time to swim around and look for some bigger abalone or get you in better shape for the next time you go out.
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5) Push Yourself
With pushing yourself has some limits. Don’t get out there and dive for absolutely as long as you can that’s not pushing yourself, I’m talking about every time you dive just stay under as long as you feel comfortable. If you don’t try to stay under a little longer every time you go out diving it’ll be hard for you to advance your skills further and make you a better diver.