Friday, June 2, 2017

Interviewing a Outdoorsman

What is your name?
Scott Sederberg

How long would you say you’ve been an “outdoorsman”?
My whole life which is just over 16 years.

Who got you into the outdoors and hunting and fishing?
My family, I've been surrounded in hunting and fishing my whole life

Have you ever been or wanted to go diving?
Yes, I have always heard good things about it .

Have you ever been before if so do you still go?
Yes, I used to go when I was younger.

What has stopped you from continuing to go?
I grew out of my wet suit and never got back into it.

Finally would you say that the outdoors have changed you in anyway or made you a better person?
Yes, the outdoors is a very peaceful area where you can get a lot of stress off of your mind.

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  1. Great interview on an outdoors man. Cool to here a true man that likes the woods story on his life activities. I think you should do another interview but this time ask more detailed questions.