Friday, June 2, 2017

Why Women Live Longer Than Men

In the article, “Why is life expectancy longer for women than it is for men?” , it tells us about a study done by Bertrand Desjardins on why this seems to be true. He believes that this statement makes perfectly good sense because every 100 girls born there are 105 men born. They also found that the lifespan of men and women is different in other countries. In the United States a male life expectancy was 73.4 years and 80.1 years for females while in Russia there was a difference of about 12 years in the lifespans. They believe that since there is a difference in the lifespans among countries that the reason women live longer than men is not purely biological. Another reason they believe it is not purely biological is that women are less likely to be involved in behavior's bad for your health like men are. There is also a great genetic difference between men and females because when a mutation of one X chromosome happens girls have another that has to offset that and men’s X chromosomes express themselves even if they cause harm.

Image result for gender equalityHormones are also another reason for girl’s longer lifespan. This is because estrogen eliminates bad cholesterol and gives protection against heart disease, while testosterone is linked to violence and taking risks. The women’s body made for reproduction also helps their case in living longer because of their ability to not overeat and not eat excess food. One other reason for men not living as longer as women is because of what they are calling “man-made diseases”. These “diseases” that cause men’s mortality rate to be higher than women’s is because of the workplaces they work at and if they drink lots of alcohol or smoke and the road accidents they are more likely to be involved in than women. The reasoning behind men’s mortality rate being higher because of the smoking or driving part is that it is proven that male smokers will smoke more cigarettes than girl smokers will and men are proven to drive more reckless than girls do.

A French demographer Jacques Vallin believes that women live longer than men because of their more fundamental lifestyles. Vallin believes that since women are so into being seen as beautiful, they tend to take greater care of themselves and their body so they will stay healthy and look younger than they are. Men on the other hand or more concerned with being seen as muscular or powerful and are worried about their reputation so much that men are more likely to take more risks or do stupid things to try and prove their masculinity. These reasons cause women to pay a lot more attention to their bodies and habits than men do because men don’t care as much to be seen as beautiful and healthy. As long as they are working hard and being recognized for that or go participate in guy activities they will be more likely to try and continue to show their manliness by doing whatever it will take.Since women take care of their bodies more than men the advantage is that they are taking the help from new medical and technological advances by doing what these professionals tell them to do with their bodies. I believe that this is true because us guys do get in a lot more trouble or risky situations than girls do because of what we like to do for fun against what they do for fun. Also, I know I really don’t care much to go to the doctors to get a checkup or if I am in pain I deal with it because as a guy we do want to be seen as masculine and tough.

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